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About The Dr. Mumbi Show

The Dr Mumbi Show is a show that encourages Africans to speak out about the ills of society, the struggles of their nations and their ideas for a better Africa.

Who are we as an African people? where have we come from? What is our true story? Where are we endeavoring to go and who have we entrusted to get us there? What are some of the social orders and political philosophies that we have ordered our lives and societies around? Who is molding and influencing the minds, hearts and personalities of our children and future African generations to come? Why are we facing some of the challenges we are facing today as an African people? What are some of the issues that we have been confronting from west to east, north to south of this great continent, and even across the world as the scattered children of Africa? These are just some of the questions that we will be talking about on The Dr. Mumbi Show as we discuss anything and everything to do with Africa.

But in our conversations on Africa, we must go deeper to the very heart of the inferior, degrading and discriminating position we hold today as Africans, no matter what part of the world we are in, and even on our homeland of Africa.

What we must understand, accept and DO SOMETHING about is the fact that we as an African people across the world, have been victims of a mental bondage that has stripped us of our ancient heritage and identity and violently replaced it with the demeaning, and downright racist western/foreign image imposed on us by this whitewashed world, and as Africans we must start to speak out against this.

As Wangari Maathai says in her book The African Challenge, “the challenges of Africa not only stems from national and international policies but also moral, spiritual, cultural and even psychological in nature.” This is because we have suffered an aggressive erosion of our consciousness of being and culture. Without a culture or a history, a people are bound to perish.

As Africans, our story has been told by so many other people that our own voice and our own story tellers have often been drowned out of the conversation and over shadowed by foreign discourse, labels and theories.

But a time has come where Africa must start having conversations about who we are, where we are going, what kind of development policies we want for our nations. We must start to have more conversations that celebrate and honor our diverse cultures. We must start to change to persistently negative dialogue about Africa into one that is solution-oriented and uplifting. Conversations about our political structures that is free of foreign manipulation.

Let’s talk Africa: authentically, boldly and unapologetically, as we rediscover ourselves while defining ourselves a new.

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