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We Are NOT The Same! |Prophetic Update

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We Are NOT The Same! |Prophetic Update

Hello welcome beloved to another episode.
My name is Dr Mumbi Seraki.

  • I want to start off by thanking every single person that prayed for us, sent us their best wishes, we real appreciate and love the concern and love you showed us. We also want to thank those that supported us financially on our papers and our page, off course we will not be able to do this without you, and just because we are connected many door ways will open unto you, many blessings will fall into your lap, that’s how life is, if you support somebody who blesses you, you become blessed in return.
  • The reason why I wanted to come on today is to explain this thing of, everyone says that we are the same. In Africa it’s like we are made to believe that we are just one homogeneous people, even humanity. But if you look at how the world is, we are not the same, there are different kinds of spiritual beings working in human form. But one of the things that has made us truly naive, not only to the people {the enemies that are walking in human form}, but even to our allies and our friends, is the belief that all Africa are the same, all mozungus are the same, all native America are the same.
  • We are very different people, but dealing with us as a global black nation there are so many, because we are the original stares, we were created in the image of our gods. There are many of us who have been here over and over again, that is why I keep saying open your mind to the things of reincarnation, your spiritual being having a human experience and you’ve been here several times, that is why certain things will just seem second hand to you, you know certain things without studying them, that means you have developed those skills, but if you think you only have one life to live, you cut yourself off from the mastering  and all the different life lessons and life wisdom  that you hard in your previous life, because beloved the veil is collapsing and the veil right now, there is not so much to worry about the veil between the light or dark.
  • However the veil between whom we have always been told we are and whom we truly are, that is the veil that is falling and is the greatest thing ever . But one of the great lies we’ve been told is that we are all the same, we are not, there  are many kinds of spiritual being walking among us, some are young spirit, some are old souls, some have the DNA of God, some have the DNA of the christed one, the men and women who came to earth and gained such a mastering and graduated from earth, you know all this spiritual beings are accessible if you know them, because we live in a mental universe especially now that we have moved from the emotional time or era, and the water era, the fish era to now,the age of Aquarius, the age of the mind. How much control you have of your mind is going to determine how successful you will be.
  • First thing you are going to realize is that your spiritual being, have a human experience and we are not the same not all black people are the same, not all black people are the twelve tribes of Judah, but there are other re-incarnation, there are other kingdoms that have re-incarnated, and is an abomination to our ancestors and to our bloodlines because the power is in our blood, the power is in our memory and what has been controlled by the nature is that memory and bloodline etc. But once you start to realize that we are not all the same, then you start to ask yourself who am I, then you to start to recognize who you are and especially in the times to come, an Artificial intelligence is going to be at the forefront at the next phase of  extra-terrestrial colonization .
  • There is one thing you have to understand, the differences of people who are walking in this mask(body) which hides gods, the body hides great messengers, the body hides ancestors, the body hides great leaders, who come over and over again until their mission is fulfill. Each of us has our own character, each of us has our own kingdom we have come from, and that kingdom we shall return, that kingdom wants to help us to achieve our mission here on earth and to survive the perilous time ahead because you can not survive just as a human walking. You need all the spiritual eyes and ears of your people, so you need to start recognizing them, and that we are not all the same.
  • I’m getting into this a bit more next time because I also need to explain how and why different people come with different powers. Majority of us have the power of one human to human but they are those when you speak ,you speak with the voice of a million people because of the power you have. Until next time.

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We are in very special times, the time of many of us have heard of but may not have anticipated coming so soon! The world will never be the same! Our time has come, but we must ALLOW Babylon to fall so that we may rise. Guidance & Protection

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