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I pray you’re well in all your ways and that you are living your best life, thanks to every single person that has subscribed to the Dr Mumbi show and that has made 2019 the biggest year for the Dr Mumbi show. I love each and every one of you and may you just be perpetually blessed. Go ahead and subscribe if you haven’t already because is absolutely free.

Big news coming out of South Africa, Miss universe pageant happened I think one or two nights ago, I don’t know when this will be airing but miss south Africa she is know as Zozibini Tunzi was crowned miss universe 2019, is absolutely amazing.
She is the third miss south Africa to win the miss universe crown. Actually the ceremony was held at the brand new Twila Paris studios in Atlanta Georgia.
The host was Steve Harvey and he wore an Africa print jacket.

Before I get into my discussion [but it’s not even a conspiracy theory], but let me just say that all of these major global event are literally psyop, that is all we need to understand, they just don’t happen.

The world is a stage, how many times have we been told that?
And we really are participants, even in our own lives we are kind of like the audience of this global stage and when we are paying attention to this global stage we kind of loose attention in our own life stories for other days.

Basically the three hours show was hosted by Steve Harvey for the second time running and is just common guys, Steve Harvey happens to be wearing an Africa print jacket. It held at the first ever own black man [Africa American] fully owned studio [Twila Paris studios] in Atlanta Georgia and miss south Africa wins?
And let’s not forget that this is the second big thing that has happened to South Africa after they won the Rugby Tournament , I just want to say that something is going on, I don’t want to be a bearer of bad news, and I do absolutely congratulate Zozibini, she stands up a lot for women and violence against women and she has stood up for natural beauty, you can see her here, she is absolutely stunning, it is a well deserved win but, why South Africa and why South Africa again? These are the questions. Something big is coming to South Africa, and there are different Journalists trying to figure out exactly what because it is just too much.

What are they planning in South Africa? I just want to say that whenever you guys have a victory that is the time you put your defenses up because that is the time the enemy attacks and I just don’t know about this win.

But South Africa, you guys just need to pay attention, you win miss universe, you just won world Rugby cup. And just before that, Harry and Megan come to town, Richard Brownson opens an entrepreneurial institute or center in Johannesburg, like it’s all too good to be true but when it comes to Africa to Africa relations, xenophobic attacks, Refugees attacking UN officials or offices in South Africa. It’s just like the internal love, the African love is kind of pushed aside and you know I feel it’s really important for south Africa to remember the mission they started with at the beginning of this year as they were entering election season, it was all about getting the land back and I pray that it remains about that.

Anyway leave your comments, I will love to here about it.


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