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Caribbean States Say ‘Sorry NOT ENOUGH!” After Bank & Church of England Slavery Apologies

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Protests also held in Ghana, Nigeria etc. Update coming soon ******* My heartfelt thanks for all of your Love & Support fam! Thank you for your donations – small, medium and large -all are greatly appreciated. PAYPAL Donations: Thanks to tall those who have supported the #WakeUpAfrica Movement on Patreon. Please join us for min. $2 month PATREON: UP NEXT: NEW TELEGRAM CHANNEL Please Subscribe FAM: Thanks for all your emails. I do read all emails that come through, however, due to the high number of emails I am not able to reply to all of them. Please know that I DO read all of them though. EMAIL: drmumb[email protected] LET’s CONNECT on SOCIAL MEDIA: TWITTER: FACEBOOK:

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  1. Greetings, Alafia, Honè Dr. Mumbi,

    I so appreciate you Dr. Mumbi.
    I totally agree with the Caribbean states. ‘Sorry is not enough.” It is a poor excuse, its annoying and us melanated people are sick of words without deeds from white imperialist, colonialist and capitalist liars. They literally need to take their knees off all our necks; they need to stop devouring African countries, instead white people need to provide finances to invest in needed infrastructures to every single country they have colonized, traumatized and raped.


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