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WTF? U.S WARNS CITIZENS AGAINST travel to Kenya and East Africa DAYs AFTER They Welcomed Americans

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WTF? U.S WARNS CITIZENS AGAINST travel to Kenya and East Africa DAYs AFTER They Welcomed Americans

The reasons we have started this channel to begin with, was to change Africa narrative by giving an alternative point of view of all the news that was happening and pointing to the great awaking, restoration, revival and redemption of our people, which is exactly what we are witnessing

Ironically Kenya and many East Africa Nations opened their boarder early this month. Actually Tanzania didn’t close their boarder, I think they opened it two months ago and the first people there were welcoming was the united state. In fact the US Ambassador to Kenya released a statement encouraging Americans to come to Kenya because Europe banned the divided state because of the Corona virus numbers and how they said that they are not managing it well.
A lot of countries have actually banned the divided state but, this is why I say it sucks to be poor because now, the travel advisory that the Divided state issues has so much power because it is always picked up by different media outlet. The Divided State issue a traveler advisory against Kenya and the rest of East Africa because of escalating Corona virus and this is the kind of slap in the face to a lot of Africa Presidents who have opened up their boarders, despite the escalating numbers of Corona in the US and this is the whole irony of everything that is going on and that is why I say it sucks to be poor because you have to let people in but you can’t be let in. You let them in even though they have some more issues than you and then they issue a travel advisory against you.

And these are the politics that are been played right now beloved because everything is going to be done to make sure that our people in the continent continue to be suppressed, and we continue to submit ourselves, to this narrative of like, the west has done this, the west has done that, the west is helping us they’re sending aids, where they can’t even manage the crisis in their own countries and that is why it’s really about time a lot of our government to revolutionize their thinking revolutionize their government otherwise they will be cut out.
Even if you are their puppet and you benefited for the last decade trust me when they collapse the government and create this new great world order you will be just like the rest of us.

A lot of Africa Nation are having issues with  government stealing the emergency fund for Corona, so what does that even say about the pandemic?

But these things, the charity, the matrix is collapsing and our government have to be strong enough to recognize that the matrix is collapsing so that they are not the last one to figure it out.
Because of money, Kenya and other countries opened up there boarder to the Divided state and the Divided state turned around and smacked them on the face and said you know what? That is not going to happen and you know what? It is a sacrifice season and you have seen what have been happening across the world.
A lot of false flag event and in fact the Divided kingdom actually issue a warning of a potential terrorist attack here in Kenya allegedly so you know is not business as usual everything is being orchestrated.
The world is a stage and we are pones in it unless we awaken ourselves and become self sufficient and go leave life in the wilderness, until this whole thing blows over.

Anyway let me know what you think about this whole situation.
Until next time.


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