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We posted a video yesterday that we felt was very important especially for our global black family that sometimes needs someone who looks a little bit different to share the things we share daily on this platform and what happened is that YouTube has taken the video down and they’ve warmed us that we may not actually won’t be able to upload videos for a week we are going to continue as much as we can , but that time has come fam, the time a lot of you has warned me about having another alternative channel e.t.c
But also the time has come for us to build our own platform. Now, I knew it was a risk posting that video, of course I knew because the only other time I’ve gotten a strike from YouTube was when someone who didn’t look like us told us the agenda towards us was, you know what I mean so it didn’t come as a surprise but am glad that almost hundred thousand people had seen the video by the time it was taken down. I pray a lot of you downloaded it and that you will share it with your family, with people in the village. For our page family, we will be uploading it very soon, so stay turned for that.

But what next, first and foremost fam, please subscribe to our secondary channel Dr Mumbi Live, that will become our mirror channel. We already have eight thousand subscribers approaching nine thousand, we absolutely appreciate and love everyone of you. We are planning to start going live there soon but please subscribe to that channel because we will be sharing all the news moving forward on both channels so that  if one channel is not available the other one is but these are only temporary solution fam. you know for so long I’ve been talking about going off grade and everything I tell you fam, like I really take you as my family and that is what am planning for myself and I’ve been planning to move off grade and actually I said once things got real, I quickly just fold the channel and keep it moving but lately I’ve really been feeling the calling that we are unto something just everyone, collectively our spiritual energy is rising, our connection is rising. People are waking up in an accelerate rate and so I really want to appeal to each and every one of you to consider supporting us in building our own platform, that is exactly what we need. We need a platform that will reach most of Africa and most of global Africa and they will be both online and terrestrial and there is a way to do that. We have been actually working on that plan for the last year and half but it looks like now everything is going to be accelerated, we also going to be looking at creating online platform ”Wake Up Africa” where we can not only share our story [the story we share everyday, the news everyday] so many of you has supported us, we appreciate each and everyone of you. But so that we can also share other true people stories and the truth because there are so many sensitive videos like that, that tell us who we are.

The formal operator platform will not allow us to share some of these things so please consider becoming a patron member, even if it’s for two dollars a month and consider sending us a PayPal donation we want to start building that infrastructure.
Please share wildly because this just tells us, if they took that content down then you know that woman was speaking some truth and this should tell each and every one of us what time is it.
Let’s think ahead, consider supporting us and many more things will be coming soon.

THANK YOU for your all your love & support family! All are greatly appreciated. IF you would like to support this channel with a small amount of your choice, here are your options:

Become a Patreon for as little as 2usd a month:
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Thanks for all your emails. I do read all emails that come through, however, due to the high number of emails I am not able to reply to all of them. Please know that I DO read all of them though.

EMAIL: [email protected]


INSTAGRAM: Dr.MumbiSeraki

We are in very special times, the time of many of us have heard of but may not have anticipated coming so soon! The world will never be the same! Our time has come, but we must ALLOW Babylon to fall so that we may rise. Guidance & Protection.


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